(Formerly Argentum Photo Lab)

Argentum was founded in 1987 by Ajay Jhaveri in a small room with a single photo enlarger and no employees. Located in the heart of Hollywood, it was a small shop in Santa Monica Boulevard and printed primarily black and white headshots.

By the mid-90s, color headshots started to become the industry standard. Argentum led the way by being the first print lab to offer color headshots for the same price that everyone else was charging for black and white headshots. By the time Argentum moved to a glitzy Sunset Boulevard location in late 2005, things began to take off. Argentum was THE go-to place for quality headshot printing. Many LA-based headshot photographers wouldn’t send their clients anywhere else when it came time to order prints.

As the industry continued to evolve, so did Argentum. By 2012, casting directors were asking actors to submit self-taped auditions more and more often. Once Argentum started offering self-tapes, actors immediately loved the convenience and quality. Argentum started offering reel editing services in 2014, followed a year later by the Hot Set Series. This allowed actors to shoot an affordable customized scene to add to their reel.

In 2019, Argentum Photo Lab rebranded as Argentum Studios and moved to North Hollywood. Now partnered with A&I Fine Art and Photography, Argentum is part of The Harman Press family of companies. Of course, we still print headshots – but we do so much more.