With so many commercials and events in need of experienced hosts, it's time to get your hosting career started. Work with TV personality and professional coach Shannon O'Dowd to cultivate a strong on-camera personality, learn teleprompter technique, and maximize your energy, passion and sense of humor. For only $495, get 3 new pieces of hosting footage for your new hosting reel when you join us for a special Hosting Hot Set Saturday April 28th from 10 am until 4 pm. Spaces are extremely limited so don't delay.

Shannon O'Dowd is an on-camera instructor & coach specializing in hosting training for infomercials (DR), Entertainment Reporting, Shopping Channels, Reality TV, Talk Shows, and Teleprompter Training. Originally from St. Petersburg, FL with a degree in Theatre Performance from Florida State University, Shannon is a Spokesperson, Host, and Actor has been working professionally in the entertainment industry for the last decade. You can check out her on-camera work on her website,

Shannon’s teaching style – caring, enthusiastic, and specific. She trains her students to “pop” by being a host with a lot of life, perspective, and a strong point of view. Her adjustments are spot-on and the information she provides stays with her students and aids in many areas of on- camera work, even beyond just hosting! She’s a favorite among students.


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