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About Us

Argentum was created by Ajay Jhaveri to fill a need in quality headshot reproductions. We pioneered the digital revolution. We constantly stay current of all the new technologies in order to provide you with state of the art service. When actors want great customer service, quality reproductions and repeatable service, there's only one lab that consistently exceeds expectations.

How have we maintained such a loyal customer base? Simply by maintaining the highest standards in customer service and by listening. We've even contributed to solving LA's traffic problem.. You can order from the comfort from your home and office and have everything shipped to you. Our online ordering is so seamless that we have many customers who order from out-of state making us not only the best headshot lab in Hollywood, but very possibly the best headshots in the USA.

We are the first lab to offer B/W and Color at the same price. Twice a year as a special thank you to our customers, we give a two for one special (usually in February, during pilot season, when you need pictures the most.) We love our customers and are willing to spend time with you, giving opinions and advice. Our roots are in traditional photography but we have an eye on the future of digital.

We respect our clients by not dropping names, but we can tell you the studios we have worked for. They are the best in the business. MTV, Paramount, Disney, Universal Studios, CBS, Laser Pacific, and Warner Brothers all turn to Argentum when the standards are high and there's no room for error!

From your first headshot to your 8X10s for the fanclub, Argentum is there for you, your entire career, in ways no other lab is--we speak the language of photographers so our technical side of image management is unparalleled: but we also understand the actors side, finding the perfect image to land an agent or get noticed for your dream role.

At Argentum, we help you make your dreams a reality. When you're serious about your acting career--come to Argentum. We love to see our clients succeed. Welcome to Argentum, your home for headshots.  

Argentum was created in 1987 by Ajay Jhaveri in a small room in Hollywood. It started as a custom lab with one enlarger, four trays and no employees. Expert printing and great customer service has helped us grow to be the leading headshot lab in Hollywood.

In 2002, we teamed up with our friends at division-7 to rapidly enter the digital photo revolution. We still work closely with them and they have an answer and solution to every question or idea we may have. The folks at division-7 helped us get an online presence and made it possible for us to be the first headshot lab to offer online proofing and ordering.

At this point we decided to concentrate only on the headshot business and reluctantly gave up all forms of conventional printing. We invested heavliy in digital printing equipment and computers. We threw our selves into learning and mastering digital printing. At no time did we move away from our belief that customer service lies at the core of our success.

We continue to work closely with our photographers and try and fill their needs in this ever changing digital world of photography.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers for making us who we are. We promise to continue striving to maintain the same high quality and customer service we have become so famous for.

Drop by to see us in person or contact us with any comments or suggestions. We are all ears to your unique needs.